2017 Convention Reading Session Music Lists
and Handouts

W3 - Brain-Friendly Teaching: Your Ticket Off the Struggle Bus - Sally Schott & Jan Juneau
W5 - Using Children's Literature to Teach Rhythmic and Melodic Literacy - Darla Meek
W6 - I Detect A Theme Here - Lauren Bain
W8 - Folk Dancing, Movement, and Games - Oh My! - Lauren Bain
W9 - Centered on Learning: Using Music Learning Centers in the Secondary Choral Classroom - Heather Bolin
W11 - The Empowered Treble Chorus: Vocal Technique and Voice Placement for the Treble Choir - Dr. Lori Hetzel
W12 - I Have Confidence in Mi: Play and Practice Strategies for Beginners - Kelly McDonald
Link to additional Handouts for W12: Click HERE
W16 - So What I Hear You Saying Is... - Stephen Carrell, Dr. Howard Batson (Handout 1)
W16 - So What I Hear You Saying Is... - Stephen Carrell, Dr. Howard Batson (Handout 2)
W17 - Singing Somatically: Building Voices in the Choral Setting Through the Use of Body Mapping - Dr. Quinn Patrick Ankrum
W18 - Empowering the Treble Chorus with Quality Repertoire - Dr. Lori Hetzel
W20 - From Compliant Choirs to Creative Musicians - Bethany Stuard
W23 - Beyond Games: How to Incorporate Technology and Keep the Integrity of Teaching Music by Creating Digital Portfolios - Becky Knox
W21 - The Choir Director as the Voice Teacher: Pushing the Boundaries of Your Rehearsal - Derrick Fox
W24 - Delving Into the Orff Process - Carianne Bernatis
W27 - Performances for the Whole Musician - Carianne Bernatis
W28 - Empowering Singers with Contemporary A Cappella - Matt Woodward

RS4 - High School SATB
RS10 - High School Holiday/Seasonal
RS12 - High School Treble/Men

RS1 - CH - Sacred Lent/Easter
RS2 - HS - Pop/Jazz
RS3 - CH - Sacred Children/Youth
RS5 - CH - Sacred General
RS6 - EL/MS/JH - Holiday/Seasonal
RS7 - MS/JH - Tenor/Bass
RS8 - EL - Unison/SA
RS9 - HS/Coll/Com - Advanced HS/College
RS10 - HS - Holiday/Seasonal
RS11 - CH - Sacred Advent/Christmas
RS12 - HS - Treble/Men
RS13 - MS/JH - Treble
RS14 - MS/JH/HS - Advanced JH/HS Training