2018 - 2019 TCDA Board of Directors

November 2018                                             Choral Notes

Volume 49
Fall 2018

In This Issue... 

  1. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?!, by Robert Stovall, Church Vice President
  2. TCDA Winter Conference
  3. Important Dates for Scholarships and Awards
  4. Bachfest in Germany
  5. Announcing the 2019 TCDA MS/JH Honor Choir
  6. Favorite Tunes from Robert


 WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?! by Robert Stovall, Church Vice President

For over forty years, the Holiday Season has been a large part of my life.  With the family tree rapidly expanding due to marriages, GRAND CHILDREN, and extended family, we are able to expand our traditions, family visits, FOOD, attendance of holiday events, FOOD, be involved in the church and social scene, annnnnnnnd FOOD!

However, during these last four decades, the demand of the season requires me to be away from holiday family events, and other activities that take away from being with friends.  So, with these required expectations, it begs the question - "What's in it for me!?"

Here's my encouraging word to all.  You have a gift, (music). What you do with that gift is entirely up to you.  If you use your gift "some of the time" then you will find that your life is not fulfilled.  Rather, you will have an inconsistent feeling which others will notice and not necessarily ask for your talents during this most blessed of holidays.  If you use your gift "most of the time", then perhaps your gift will be noticed, recognized, and even requested by others, especially during the holiday season.  However, if you use your talents "ALL THE TIME" during this holiday season, then you will bring joy, happiness, peace, connection, and love; not only to your family and friends, but to the many families and friends in which you present your talents.  Enjoy the opportunity.  Look forward to presenting what has been given to you.  Let all enjoy what you can bring to them through music.  Let the emotions form while the many hear you and your ensembles present the musical celebration of the holidays.  What's in it for you?  Fulfillment, excitement, and an awesome holiday experience.  SING ON!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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Supporting TCDA

TCDA provides wonderful opportunities for professional development, peer to peer networking, personal growth and development and scholarships for college students and professionals striving to improve their skills and career opportunities.

Fortunately, these opportunities are made possible by our very own members and their generosity.  Please consider giving to this organizaiton to ensure we can continue to give back to you when needed.  There are many ways to give and anything helps!  Please visit our Giving Opportunities page to learn more.



2019 TCDA Scholarship Application - deadline is March 31, 2019

2019 Choral Excellence Award Nomination - deadline is April 15, 2019

2019 Young Director of Distinction Award Nomination - deadline is April 15, 2019


2019 TCDA MS/JH Honor Choir

We are pleased to announce Tom Shelton, Jr. will be the 2019 TCDA Honor Choir conductor.  Online auditions will open on February 1, 2019.  For more details and audition information, please go to our website, 2019 Honor Choir. 

New Tunes for your playlist

The TCDA board would like to share some of their favorites with you periodically. 

This month's selection, courtesy of Robert Stovall.

See Amid the Winter's Snow - Dan Forrest


Advent - Craig Courtney


My Lord Has Come - Will Todd


Coldest Winter - Pentatonix


The Christmas Tree - Zac Bown Band/Sara Bareilles


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Michael Buble


TCDA supports the international copyright laws for music publications and all directors should be aware of these laws regarding permission to use, copy, perform, etc...music that is protected under these laws.  We encourage all directors to be mindful and follow copyright laws.

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TCDA Board of Directors 2018 - 2019
President -  Pam Elrod Huffman, Southern Methodist University
Past President - Kari Gilbertson, Richardson ISD
President Elect - Thomas Rinn, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Vice President, HS - Jason Dove, Deer Park ISD
Vice President, MS/JH - Christina Chapman, Richardson ISD
Vice President, Elem - Katy Flowers, Midway ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Jeb Mueller, University of Houston
Vice President, Church - Robert Stovall, First United Methodist Church Fort Worth
Secretary/Treasurer - Carisa Niemeyer, Richardson ISD

Executive Director - Sharon Lutz
Member Services Coordinator - Tiffany Downey

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