In Memoriam: Rosemary Heffley, TCDA President 1979-81 



Rosemary Heffley


The choral community lost a special friend on January 29, 2019. Rosemary Heffley, a past TCDA President, lost a four year fight with multiple myeloma. Rosemary is survived by her dear friend Dede Duson, brothers Larry and Kyle, and five nieces and nephews.  A beautiful person of bountiful wisdom and kindness, Rosemary graced this earth for 75 years. Rosemary was a music educator all of her life, and she believed that each of us, from adults to children, are students of music, and no matter the level of understanding, music through Rosemary was a cherished gift.  She taught choral music education at Mesquite High School for 17 years, and upon retirement, continued to teach at Texas Christian University, the University of North Texas, and Southern Methodist University. Rosemary was the founder of the Mesquite Civic Chorus, and was instrumental in founding the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas (CCGD). She believed that children are capable of creating beautiful music—a key philosophy that still guides CCGD today.

In the TCDA Fall 1981 newsletter, in Rosemary’s last year as President, she wrote of her hopes for TCDA and its evolution: “So what of the future for our organization? Hopefully, that future will be one dedicated to a constant thrust toward the perpetuation of the choral arts, and devoted to the absolute quality of thought and intention to all of the arts.  Choral music is our specialty, yet let us hope our vision and commitment will be towards the contribution to an artistic quality of life for our students and audiences.” 

In celebration of Rosemary’s life as a music educator, there is comfort in knowing that her contributions to TCDA, and the many lives she touched through her devotion to music, will live on. If you would like to honor Rosemary and her legacy, you may do so with a donation to the Rosemary Heffley Memorial Scholarship, under the auspices of Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas or by calling 214/965-0491.