Past TCDA Conventions

The first two TCDA Conventions were held in Dallas, and all Conventions since have been held in San Antonio. Following is a recap of each Convention since 1955. This information was taken from Convention Programs and other archival references in the TCDA offices in Austin. Special thanks to former TCDA Executive Secretary J Marvin Pollard for gathering information from TCDA’s early years.

If you have any additional information that would make this TCDA Convention history more complete, please contact TCDA.

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2018 convention handouts & reading session music lists

2018 • 63rd Annual Convention


President, Pam Elrod Huffman
Past President,  Kari Gilbertson
College VP, Carolyn Cruse
HS VP, Jason Dove
MS/JH VP, Christina Chapman
Elementary VP, Debra Johnson
Church VP, Dan Baker
Secretary/Treasurer, Carisa Niemeyer
Executive Director, Sharon Lutz

Session Conductors
Mary Cowart, HS/Coll/Com Advanced SATB
Dr. Elisa Wilson, HS/Coll/Com Advanced SATB
Jeremy Crozier, HS Treble
Pauline Sexton, HS Treble
Lindsey Spitzberg, MS/JH/HS Tenor-Bass
Nathan Dame, MS/JH/HS Tenor-Bass
Jason Womack, MS/JH/HS Holiday/Seasonal
Courtney Patten, 
MS/JH/HS Holiday/Seasonal
Edie Cooksey, MS/JH/HS Pop/Jazz
Jason Brown, MS/JH/HS Pop/Jazz
Nora Henson, HS Tried and True
Monte Garrett, Sacred General
Russell Farnell, Sacred Seasonal

Karen Andrews, Sacred Childrens/Youth
Shelia Donahue, Unison/SA
Shannon Duckett, MS/JH Treble
Kara Kasberg, MS/JH Treble
College Student Conductors, Adv/JH/HS Training

Student Conductors
Jazmin Almendarez - University of Texas at Arlington
Kelly Bird - Lamar University
Garrett Dunaway - Texas A&M University - Commerce
Julia Durbin - Southern Methodist University
Carlos Flores - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Anissa Garcia - Texas Tech University
Greg Goedecke - University of Houston
Azalea Gonzalez - Texas Woman's University
Nakita Harris - West Texas A&M University
Robin Harrison - Houston Baptist University
Joseph Herron - University of Texas at San Antonio
Oscar Lara - Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Grant Peterson - Stephen F. Austin State University
Oliver Rodriguez - Abilene Christian University
Gabrielle Sanchez - Texas State University
Savannah Sepulveda - University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Nash Turbeville - University of North Texas
Sarah Weaver - Baylor University


  • Wesley Davis, HS - Reinforcing Musicianship through Contemporary A cappella
  • Dr. Sandra Snow, MS/JH/HS -"Top Shelf" Conducting Moves to Significantly Improve Your Choir's Singing
  • Dr. Chirs Aspaas, MS/JH/HS - Reboot of the Gesture
  • Dr. Todd Prickett, CH - How to Choose Repertoire for the Church Choir: Three Secrets to Success
  • Todd Wilson, CH - Bridging the Great Divide: Moving Toward Multigenerational Worship
  • Dr. Robert Pendergraft, CH - Bridging the Great Divide: Moving Toward Multigenerational Worship
  • Mary McDonald, CH - Bridging the Great Divide: Moving Toward Multigenerational Worship
  • Nick Boltz, CH - The Aging Voice: Strategies for Success
  • Dr. Blake Simpson, CH - The Aging Voice: Strategies for Success
  • Dr. Laura Dominguez, CH - The Aging Voice: Strategies for Success
  • Rachelle Speer, CCC-SLP, CH - The Aging Voice: Strategies for Success
  • Mary McDonald, CH - Serving in the Trenches
  • Mary McDonald - CH - Playing with Power, Passion, and Purpose
  • Dr. Julie Scott, EL - Choral Singing the Orff Schulwerk Way
  • Phyllis King, EL - Classroom to Chorus: Vocal Development and Singing Games
  • Angela Leonhardt, EL - A Story, A Song, A Performance is Born
  • Michele Hobizal, EL - Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Wonderful World of Technology
  • Katherine Johns, EL - Building Community through Folk Dance
  • Cyndie Lowry, EL - Panel Discussion: Take Your Honor Choir to the Next Levels
  • Lindy Perez, EL - Panel Discussion: Take Your Honor Choir to the Next Level
  • Cecile Johnson, EL - Panel Discussion: Take Your Honor Choir to the Next Level
  • Clinton Hardy, MS/JH - From Zero to Hero
  • Dorrie Seamans, MS/JHTried & True: These Are For You!
  • Jocelyn Epley, MS/JHTried & True: These Are For You
  • Sarah Bayles, MS/JHTried & True: These Are For You
  • Joe Nidever, MS/JH/HS - What the Google?
  • Melissa Hall Smith, MS/JH/HS - What the Google?
  • Dr. Sandy Hinkley, MS/JH - Motivating the Middle School Singer: Some Assembly Required
  • Dr. David Rayl, Coll/Com - Reasonable Romantic Repertoire for Voices and Instruments
  • Dr. David Rayl, Coll/Com - Gesture Matters: Communicative Conducting for More Effective Rehearsals and Better Performances
  • Dr. Mastronardi Ganschow, Coll/Com - Peak Experience: A Triptychal Approach to Transformative Rehearsals
  • Dr. Sandra Snow, Coll/Com - seen and heard: meet the women of mirabai
  • Dr. Carolyn Cruse, College Student Session: TCDA and Networking

Jimmy Baas
Jeremy Bowen
Judy Boyter
Stacey Brandenberger
Pam Elam
Keith Dixon
Karen Eychaner
Brooke Grall
Jane Haas
Georgia Kornegay
Hanna Lee
Sandra Mattson
Dr. David Means
Sue Neff
Kelly Pfaffenberger
Andrew Steffen
Stefanie Stephens
Catherine Stevenson
Debbie Talley
Manahara Virasinha
David Ward
Justin West
Jennifer Zaccagni

2018 TCDA Dedicated Work
God of our Fathers, arranged by Mary McDonald

Performing Groups
– Dr. Sandra Snow, conductor
Dallas Street Choir – Jonathan Palant, conductor
2018 TCDA Elementary Honor Choir – Ruth Dwyer, conductor

2018 TCDA Scholarship Recipients

TCDA/Mary Ann & Art Winden Scholarship - Ashley Dean, UT Arlington
TCDA/Donald Bailey Scholarship – Casey LeVie, UT Arlington
TCDA/William Gorham Scholarship – Gregory Goedecke, University of Houston
TCDA/Jackie Cocke Scholarship – Rachel McCormick, Baylor University
TCDA General Scholarship – Marissa Garcia, Texas Tech University
TCDA/Cloys Webb Scholarship – Kameron Mattingly, Texas Tech University
TCDA General Scholarship – Tiffany Ibarra, University of Houston
TCDA General Scholarship – Jazmin Almendarez, University of Mary Hardin Baylor
TCDA/Past Presidents Scholarship – Olivia Havel, University of North Texas
TCDA/James Matheny Scholarship – Aaron Wardlaw, Stephen F Austin University
TCDA/Abbott-IPCO Professional Scholarship – Joshua Brown, University of North Texas
TCDA/Jim & Glenda Casey Professional Scholarship – Clinton Hardy, University of North Texas
TCDA/Gandy Ink Professional Scholarship – Debbie Pilgrim, Texas Tech University

2018 TCDA Awards
Texas Choirmaster Award:
-Dianne Brumley

Texas Choral Excellence Award:
-Brad Bouley
-Amy Allibon
-Morris Stevens
-E.A. Amby Tanner, III

Young Director of Distinction Award:
-Francis Vu
-Rachel Holliday

Convention Headliners:
-Mary McDonald, Church Division
-Dr. David Rayl, College/Community Division
-Eric Whitacre, 2016 TCDA Directors Chorus
-Dr. Rosephanye Powell, 2016 TCDA Festival Chorus
-Ruth Dwyer, 2018 TCDA Elementary Honor Choir